Change Ahead
Change Ahead

Welcome to this blog that I’m dedicating to martial arts. Its name is 万変不驚
(Banpen Fugyou) that has been translated to “many changes, no surprise!” or “thousand changes, no surprise!” from Japanese to English. It is a common quote of the 武神館武道体術 (Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu) masters that was passed to current grandmaster 初見良昭 (Mr. Hatsumi Masaaki) many years ago.

The grandmaster高松 寿嗣 (Mr. Takamatsu Toshitsugu) wrote:

“No one possesses the knowledge concerning the events of tomorrow. This means that we do not know when our life will cease. However, you should not be surprised by any kind of happening. Whether a change in the divine process occurs, a cutting action is attempted by an opponent, or natural catastrophes take place, you should never feel such a thing as surprise. This is the spirit of Banpenfugyo. ‘Banpen’ means “change” and “Fugyo”, “never surprised”. What one should have in mind, first of all, is caring for one’s own life; this is common sense. Health, both physical and spiritual, is needed in order to prevent accidents. Due to the impetuousness of the youth I made lots of errors until the age of forty. Now, every morning I massage myseIf using an ice cold towel and go with my dog for a walk. After that, I dedicate some time to painting and writing. Those who are evil minded will always do bad things. Even the bad intentioned ninja would be banished. This is applicable to any martial system.”

With this in mind, what will be posted is a collection of thoughts, researches, news, and my personal view of the 武道 (Budō, the way of warrior) and life. Try to read it with a “open-hearted” mindset or 平常心 (heijoshin, everyday’s mindset), avoiding traditionalism or similar mindsets.