I am very proud to announce that my dear master Miguel Greg Martinez has passed successfully his 五段審査 (Bujinkan Go Dan Exam). This test is very famous in Bujinkan Dojo.

The test starts with Hatsumi Sensei or an authorized Shihan behind of the student. Though, he attacks the student using a blade or similar stick with a top-down cutting movement (Shomen Giri or Ten Chi Giri) experiencing a killing intention. Basically, this is the pattern today, although there are different forms to take this test.

Sakki Test with Hatsumi Sensei
五段審査 (Sakki Test) with Hatsumi Sensei

Many people say that is only about sixth sense, but in 天地人略の巻 (Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki), Hatsumi Sensei wrote that is a little bit more. It is connected to the warrior heart, master-disciple relationship, and the meaning of the life. Several books of Hatsumi Sensei and Shihans have information about it.  I will write about it later, after my time.

The Sakki (killing intention) is a 武道 (Budo) concept that exists not only in japanese martial arts, but also in braches that descends from Japanese Budo.

Below you can see some tests:

Thank you to all masters, students and people involved. There is no growth without support, and this is a victory for all of us. Miguel Greg Sensei is one of the oldest students of the Bujinkan Dojo in Brazil. It is great to see the improvement  of teachers and buyus (martial friends), doesn’t it?

Miguel Greg Martinez Sensei. 2012.
Miguel Greg Martinez Sensei at TaiKai Chile. 2012.

Congratulations Master Miguel Greg Martinez!