Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Last year was an amazing year for me! It started badly with many problems in my family, job, and teacher’s dojo to solve what goes through postoperative period (I also had a surgery on my knee in the end of 2012). Sometimes, I think it happens to everyone in a certain period of life, I believe it is very important for growing as human being. After fixing everything, I reset my training step-by-step preparing my body and mind again avoiding the need for other surgeries. I was very troubled at the beginning of the year, many decisions, and many changes.   

Almost in the midst of the year, I had an amazing opportunity to go to Israel and Japan at once. In Israel I attended a Krav Maga course (I also practice this), Gun Shooting, and I was visiting awesome historical places! It has been blessed and fantastic discovery! Some people believe that “alive” Budō is just practice and repeat what our Japanese masters do. In certain way it makes sense. However, when you look for the history of our masters, Hatsumi Sensei and Takamatsu Sensei you open your mind. Hatsumi Sensei, for example, show us in Hitsumon Bujinken and Bujinkan Embu movies that he had a lot of experiences coming from other places and cultures, and this is really important. What kind of Budō can be “alive” if you don’t know what happens around you? On the other hand, samurai and ninja were innovators at their time. They were always investigating new methods of: training, combat, strategy, healing etc. I believe it is important to learn from other perspectives too.

In Japan, It was harder for me. First, everything is completely different to my culture. Second, although I asked many times, I didn’t have information about how to proceed there in terms of Bujinkan. But, it was not a problem. Thanks to Simão Freitas Shidoshi, Rob Renner Shihan, and Marcos Brock that helped me a lot about how to proceed, and how to improve this experience, i had a great time! Thank you, is was really great! Third, although the surgery healing process has been finished, I was not physically prepared to do my best yet, in Israel many times I adapted my training in other to avoid another injury. I believe it also was very important process to develop myself. I appreciate that. I met very kind people, great masters, awesome training partners, and, of course, I UNFORGETTABLE experience! I don’t know how to explain this energy! In this opportunity I also was invited to do the Godan test which requires a post later.

After coming back home, I face too much work to do, many things to share, study (for my job), and I put many things in order. The rest of the year, beyond training and job, I spent my time between family and spiritual works. It was a peaceful and calm time. There were many celebrations also! Definitely, 2013 was very blessed for me, an amazing year!

I don’t know yet the theme of 2014. If you know, please, share with us in commentaries. But, I would like to wish you the best feelings and experiences to 2014, for your family also! Happy New Year of Horse for you! Hope to meet all of you soon! Here, we are preparing ourselves to World Cup. Here, we are preparing ourselves to World Cup. If you are coming to Brazil, I am inviting you to visit us! It will be a pleasure to meet you.

Gambatte Kudasai!

Pedro Henrique