I’m releasing series of videos (in Portuguese, but subtitled in English) for those who train Budo Taijutsu and would like to enhance your workout considering all possibilities. In these videos, I share to practitioners of other states or countries, ideas and training tips based on my learning and experiences of practice, and travels for those who have difficulties along the way, and need to take every opportunity to develop themselves (train not only at dojo, but other places). This series is totally focused on basics of Budo Taijutsu, what you can use to help you in your training, and solo training.

Budo is 24 hours, 7 days a week. Anywhere, and anytime. Hatsumi Sensei often says in his books that his learning did not occur over the mountains as a monk, but living in the “here and now” of everyday life. In my case, I had enough trouble when I moved from Rio de Janeiro to Fortaleza (Brazil). Being not so close to my teacher, although training often, I needed more time of practice, many trips visiting and learning from my teacher, and other teachers of Brazil, even around the world, read a lot and watching many DVDs. Thus, these short videos are a few tips from these experiences. Step by step, I will publish more. This serie is in Portuguese, but subtitled in English.

Here we are in a period revisiting all the basics according to the details and principles I have seen in Japan. Thus, these videos will begin this subject, seeking to revisit the basics.

(Bufu Ikkan)