Ricardo Lavado & PH

Yesterday, I was in a very inspirational training with Ricardo Lavado (Bujinkan Shihan) in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a little bit far from there, so I travelled at night, slept not so much, but did my best. We worked on Kaname (pivoting), Setten (contact points), using basic forms, and many variations. I could improve my understanding of these principles, what was very nice. It was really awesome! There were details of backbone pivoting (Uke) connected to our positioning (Tori) that I have to work on deeply. I feel inspired! In this theme, there are so much to training using TenChiJin, and weapons…

I also could work better on angles, fitting better counterattacks. In very a didactical way, he could show me better strategies on angles. When I came back from Japan in 2013, I remember that people clearly used a principle that I couldn’t identify, of course, could not repeat that time, although saw many Shihan doing very well. After that, I discovered that it was called Yoyu (余裕, here you find a article in French about it).

Even though it was not mentioned during the class, I could recognize this principle in Lavado movements, and his explanations give some glimpse of this principle. So, for me, it was a very clarifying class. I really appreciate it. If you want enjoy a very nice training here in Lisbon, come here!

“We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves.”
Galileo Galilei

(Bufu Ikkan)

Pedro Henrique
Bujinkan Shidoshi