Enjoying this week holiday (in Portugal), we spent our time training the beginning of Gyokkō Ryū, considering time, space, and motion. We worked on “Awaseru” (“to fit”), and “Setten” (“contact point”) too, through different reactions we adapted few techniques. If you want to enjoy too, contact us. 🙂

Uchu Gasho (Jo Ryaku ou Ten Ryaku): Gyokkō-Ryū
Uchu Gasho (Jo Ryaku ou Ten Ryaku): Gyokkō-Ryū

“The greatest secret of Budō is to maintain Būfū Ikkan (the way of war is survival). This is the yang secret. Another secret is to nourish the mind without making the first move. Regarding this mindset, if faced with a desperate situation, change from yin to yang. In order to defeat a strong opponent by yang, control him by yin; defeat the hardness by using softness. Your own power does not beat the opponent, rather he is vanquished by his own power used against him. Do not assume your own power alone will beat him. When you practice you must understand completely the essence of the names of the techniques. This is true not only of Gyokkō-Ryū, but of all the schools of Budō.” 

excerpt of “Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai” Book of Hatsumi Sensei, pg. 51-52

虚空 Kokū – empty space
輦輿 Renyo – imperial palanquin
彈手 Danshu – projectile hand
彈指 Danshi – projectile finger
逆流 Sakanagare – reverse flow
梟鷗 Keō – treacherous seabird
跳火 Hanebi – leaping flame, firework
闕倒 Ketō – imperial felling
指砕 Yubi kudaki – finger breaking

Pedro Henrique