Hatsumi Sensei

I have been asked, “Mr. Hatsumi, how do you view the concept of Budo becoming sports?” I answered immediately by saying, “Budo becoming a sport is a wonderful thing because you do not have to kill a person. This is Yagyu-ryu concept of Katsujin Budo, or giving life to a person”.

Warrior Naoe Kanetsugu was famous for being a nakimushi – one who cries easealy. Olympic athletes shed tears of joy on winning gold – and with the five Olympic rings I am reminded of The Book of Five Rings by Musashi. When the athletes stand stoically to receive their medals, we can hear sound of the Kuji (nine-character sacred verse): Rin Teki To Do sa Gyaku Han Aku Zetsu. The tears of the samurai – those are not tears of tragedy, but can be said to be the tears of overwhelming happiness.

excerpt of “The Essence of Budo” Book of Hatsumi Sensei, pg. 125-126