“Everyone is too concerned with time. When you think about it, twenty years of training doesn’t mean anything. Thirty, forty, even fifty years of training doesn’t mean anything. It’s nothing special. After all, I’m still walking along behind Takamatsu sensei. That’s what tradition is. When you are young, you are vain and egoistic. You are always moving too fast because you want everyone to know how good you are. But that’s okay; that’s what that time of your life is for. Until you are forty, do crazy things. Build a strong body and train as hard as you can. But after forty, you become an adult. Your needs and priorities change, and so your training should change as well. Remember: true budōka remain ordinary at all times. Real skill is not something for display or discussion. When you are young, playing around is fine. But at some point you have to grow up. Strive to become a person who has something of real value to offer the world.”

– Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi