I found a very cool video! A few of the basics of Budo Taijutsu without politricks and bla bla bla. Women in Budo Taijutsu has a very important role. As a young teacher, when I was even younger (lol), I thought it was about make them able to repeat exactly what we men do. Of course, my stupidity…

They have their special way: body, emotions, desires, and different reactions. It is essential to preserve and respect. Even more… learn from them. Because when you are training, especially as a teacher, you are learning. With your body and with them also. Observing reactions, dealing with these same reactions. It does not mean that there are no corrections, just that there are corrections on both sides (teacher and student).

Watch the video here.

I’m thankful for the privilege of have always been training Kunoichi (s) and for opportunities to face my methods, my study and my practice, and rethink at all. After all, being a teacher, in fact, is being student. Have fun! Have nice training!

(Gambate kudasai!)

Pedro Henrique