During the trips I have made, visits to dojos, met young people who cannot kneel or even squat, one of them, an excellent Shihan, also could not jump even. Young. This is one of my concerns because depending on exercise you may end up overloading the joints. Please, don’t get me wrong, It is about method and practice itself over the years, not about people.

If you practice martial arts, sports activities or physical exercise in general you know how important it is to repeat patterns and develop skills you have not yet mastered to move forward. It’s crucial. At the same time, I’m curious, would you repeat any pattern? Would you repeat a pattern even if it was harmful to your body and mind?


Have you ever heard of the powerful “Herd Behavior“? The animal behavior of repeating what the group does, even without notice the reason or why the group does? In this video, you can see an interesting experience in the United States on this subject and how it can affect your training/development.

(Gambate kudasai!)

Pedro Henrique

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