Banpen Fugyō / 万変不驚

Infinite Changes, no surprise! / Infinitas mudanças, sem surpresa!

About the Blog

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Banpen Fugyō™ blog, the first one Budō Taijutsu blog for Portuguese speakers, was conceived to share Bujinkan information to our teachers, students and friends worldwide. Big hearts, big souls, and pure connection. Posts are in easygoing text, that’s exactly what the purpose since the beginning. This blog contains mixed content that doesn’t reflect my personal opinion, so, it is up to you. I consider my readers smart people, that’s why I think they think by themselves. So, it has no much filter. The idea is to provide information of several sources and make it available for all Bujinkan members, be careful.

If you want to publish your teacher’s articles in our blog or a translation of it, please, send it to us to evaluation. If you want to advertise here, please contact us.

Now, let’s talk about history…


The Banpen Fugyō™ blog was created around the beginning of 2012 by me, Pedro Henrique (Bujinkan Shidōshi – teacher). At that time, the idea was to share Bujinkan information to our students and friends in Fortaleza, Brazil. We made many students and friends there. Big hearts, big souls, pure connection.  After that, we decided to share to students and friends worldwide and so on. Things evolve, and then, step-by-step the blog has been changing frequently… Furthermore, the blog has been part of a constant learning of media tools over internet.


Although I’ve been training for more than a decade, in 2013, I was in Japan at first time. Wow! Fantastic opportunity to correct me, and learn more. Also, a fantastic opportunity to meet the Grandmaster Hatsumi, and worldwide teachers/students. At that time, we created the Banpen Fugyō™ Bujinkan Dōjō in Fortaleza, Brazil. The idea was to create a very nice place for training Bujinkan, and also, give opportunities to students evolve. The blog & internet resources also have helped us to face our own problems, discover new solutions, make friends, and learn more, not only about physical techniques, but human relations too.

Pedro Henrique Shidoshi at Tōkyō Budōkan (Japan) in 2013.
Pedro Henrique Shidoshi at Tōkyō Budōkan (Japan) in 2013.


This year, the blog also changed a lot. We did a big “jump” to expansion. Since 2007, I’ve been attending seminar around the world, and meeting many teachers. In 2014, I decided to translate their articles, teachings, and publish their material here, always respecting copyrights, and their perspectives. The fundamental idea was give to our students/friends still more information about Bujinkan and Budō Taijutsu, and also, give more opportunities to teachers around the world in order spread their work and encompass these two sides: students and teachers. It worked. In the beginning, I decided to translate unconditionally (above my personal opinions or any politics related) spending all free time I had for this.


The blog motivated more actions. A brand new Banpen Fugyō™ YouTube Channel was created considering blog principles, in 2015. The idea was to provide information towards simple ways, and expanding our communication methods. Also, at that time, I was travelling a lot looking for more guidance, training with many teachers worldwide, and discovering many cultures, and of course, experiencing what I’ve been training. We also have been always supporting our teachers, students and friends. With this in mind, many teachers also started to share videos, blog posts, and other materials in many countries, and cities. Robson Souza (Bujinkan Shidōshi-Hō) from Fortaleza (Brazil) created a blog, called Ninpo Shin Gi Tai. In Coimbra (Portugal), we also created a Banpen Fugyō™ Bujinkan Dōjō too, it’s guided by Tania Gômes (Bujinkan Shidōshi-Hō).



We’ve been attending seminar, teaching, translating, and generating useful Budō Taijutsu content. We changed blog menu in order to make it more “magazine-like” what we are tending to be in the future.  However, after all of these years, with more than hundreds of posts, the blog became very nice source to check consistency of the teachings, and teachers themselves. It’s common to change opinion. What is not so common is to change opinion to manipulate others’ opinions.

Have a nice training,

Pedro Henrique editor of Banpen Fugyō™ blog.

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