Banpen Fugyō / 万変不驚

Infinite Changes, no surprise! / Infinitas mudanças, sem surpresa!

Sakki (殺気 / 察気)


One of the most interesting experiences in Bujinkan is 殺気審査 or 察気審査 (sakki test, “killing intention test” or “sensing intention test”, the meaning depends on how it is written). Usually, the test starts with Hatsumi Sensei or an authorized Shihan behind the student. Though, he attacks the student using a blade or similar stick with a top-down cutting movement (Shomen Giri or Ten Chi Giri) experiencing a killing intention. Basically, this is the pattern today, although there are many different forms to take it.

Hatsumi Sensei explains in his  天地人略の巻 (Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki book) that it was not always so. Initially, as a process to grasp the secret essence, it was an initiation ceremony through sixth sense to allow one to understand the Myojutsu (wonderful art or subtle technique). The student was in Fudoza no Kamae (不動坐構え) with his eyes closed and with his body purified in white raiment.  Though, his master attacks him using blade cutting movements while projecting killing intention. After all, the student needed to avoid such attacks in order to be alive. Moreover, other principles (such as: Muto Dori Hiden – Swordless Self Defense, 無剣護身術 -, Shinken Gata – Real Combat/Real Sword Combat 剣型体変術, and Josei Goshin Jutsu – Women Self-Defense 女性護身術) are very close to this experience, according to Hatsumi Sensei.

Before taking my Go Dan Test (五段審査), the way that is called in Bujinkan, I had certain idea about the test. However, after that it was changed dramatically. I had the opportunity to be hit by Hatsumi Sensei (yeah! for me it is a blessing) and pass under Nagato Shihan Sakki.

Each Shidoshi (士道師) that has passed successfully this exam has a personal experience concerning it. Here, follow some impressions. Rather than translate, I prefer to keep posts in Shodoshi’s mother tongue in order to preserve right feeling. You can use Google Translator to try to understand.

For my story, click here.

News of Sakki Test:

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