Banpen Fugyō / 万変不驚

Infinite Changes, no surprise! / Infinitas mudanças, sem surpresa!

Pedro Henrique (Bujinkan Shidoshi)

Pedro Henrique Shidoshi. 2013.

Pedro Henrique (Bujinkan Shidoshi, 士道師, instructor, it is written in Bujikan way) is known by his systematic and didactic way of teaching, always trying to make things simple to understand. His classes combine martial art principles, hard functional workout, always based on standards of Japanese Martial Way (武道, Budo), the Bujinkan teachings. He started on path of martial arts when kid on Shotokan Karate and trained for some years, competing also. During childhood, he participated and competed in various sports, such as: football, swimming, skating, and inline hockey for years. However, in 2001 he discovered Budo Taijutsu which changes completely his life.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is known by its violence, and its fighting sports athletes. During adolescence Pedro Henrique passed for many embarrassing situations in high school, and on streets to home. At that time, the violence hit records. Drug dealers have taken control of important points of the city, teenagers were induced to use drugs (increasing illegal weapons market), even on school. Small gangs of youths began to emerge in several neighborhoods, even in rich part of the city. For many people it was very important to practice martial arts for self-defense purposes, and for Pedro Henrique it was not different. With this intent, he discovered Budo Taijutsu (武道体術) of Hatsumi Sensei.

Pedro Henrique Shidoshi at Tōkyō Budōkan (Japan) in 2013.
Pedro Henrique at Tōkyō Budōkan (Japan) in 2013.

Despite the self-defense purpose, Pedro has discovered a complete lifestyle that contains: spirituality, ethics, strategy, natural connection with the universe in Budo Taijutsu. The fascinating history of samurai and ninja has many solutions of our contemporary problems, even for western standards. Going deeper, Pedro attended several seminars/classes of senior teachers certified by Grandmaster, such as: Miguel Greg (Brazil), Daniel Hernández (Argentina), Rob Renner (USA/Japan), Arnaud Coursegue (France), Peter King (England), Pedro Fleitas (Spain), Sveneric Bogsater (Sweden), Duncan Stewart (Australia/Japan), Ricardo Lavado (Portugal), and Jürgen Bieber (Germany). In 2013, for the first time he went to Japan and trained under the Grandmaster Hatsumi, and his Japanese senior teachers.

In 2003, Pedro moved to northeast of Brazil (Fortaleza City). There, he continued to practice diligently attending various courses, and seminars through the country, and the world. Even before the black belt, he promoted a study group with many friends training along the years, supporting people and proving the efficiency of the art to other martial artists of the city. Nowadays, he lives in Coimbra (Portugal) where are his regular classes.

He is very interested on technical skills, history, philosophy, old and modern methods of training. He also has attended to dozens of national and international courses (including seminars) of several martial arts with many of the most important martial artists of the world. In order to learn and share knowledge, he also is responsible for many important workshops and seminars in some Brazilian cities. He always prefer to live in 初心 (Shoshin, the beginner’s mind) mindset, and be an easygoing person learning from everything.

Me & Hatsumi Sensei after class at Bujinkan Hombu Dojo (Bujinden). 2013.
Pedro Henrique Shidoshi & Hatsumi Sensei after class at Bujinkan Hombu Dojo (Bujinden). 2013.
After my 5th Dan Test. Nagato Sensei at Bujinkan Hombu Dojo, 2013. Japan.
After 5th Dan Test. Nagato Sensei at Bujinkan Hombu Dojo, 2013. Japan.

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Hatsumi Sensei

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